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Having a hard time finding the right HR services for you? If you need to hit the reset button on your Human Resources department, it’s probably long overdue to give M&T Consulting a call. Our 20+ years of experience means our qualified specialists are able to provide you with innovative, accessible, and valuable solutions.

They will ensure the correct compliance when handling your administrative and HR department, certifying high efficiency of processes & costs! So why not schedule your free consultation and let us help you today!

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Personal Values
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Top Talent Professionals?

Wondering how to recruit real talent to join your team? Our international staffing & recruitment services are conducted by experienced specialists who evaluate candidates in a variety of technical areas. They understand how important it is to hire cohesive talent for a permanent position, a big project, or even a deadline you have coming up.

That’s why offering the leading professionals on the web takes priority in our business. Whether you are seeking to hire 1 or 100+ team members for long-term, short-term, local, or nearshore employment, we’ve got you covered.

Our Process Includes

    • Sourcing local or nearshore talent 
    • Searching for specialized skills 
    • Selecting from only the top talent
    • Choosing the right person to promote 
    • Application of tests to candidates selected
    • Individual and 360 performance reviews 
    • Logistics of employing a team from 1 to 100+
    • Picking the perfect professional


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Team-Building Capabilities

M&T doesn’t only make it amazingly easy for you to assemble a cohesive team but also offers training & team-building boot camp services to maintain your existing employees’ work ethic and relationships. Our highly effective training programs are applied with the appropriate intensity and are developed using pedagogy. They are tailored to improve and build areas in your team such as trust, communication, problem-solving, and strategic planning. 

We have partnerships with incredible facilities, from natural forest locations to bustling cities. We combine classroom and outdoor activities for maximum effectiveness, leaving your team feeling inspired and rejuvenated when returning back to their regular work environment. We know that your company is only as great as your employees, that’s why we focus on enhancing your personnel to advance your business’ growth.

Our Training & Team Building Boot Camps Include 

  • Customized programs tailored to your team
  • Teaching at the appropriate level
  • Logistics for any size of team
  • Facilities in incredible locations


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 “Empowering entrepreneurs. Developing character. Creating teams.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, M&T Consulting has focused on finding solid solutions for our business partners since 1999. We understand the importance of maintaining your HR department’s effectiveness and efficiency, that’s why we offer the most impressive talent on the web and tailor our international services to fit your business needs. Our resources are suited to any size of the company, for both recurring activities or temporary use by project, and support all areas that are either well or not within your core business. 

After working with major companies like IBM, HP, and Oracle, we can confidently say that we have the skills to enhance your business! By fulfilling countless HR requests we have empowered our business partners by freeing up their time, enabling them to regain focus on their main business reason.

Our Services Include:

● Staffing

● Online Recruitment

● Headhunting 

● Payroll

● Training 

● Soft Landing

After working with major tech companies like IBM, HP, and Oracle, we can say one thing for certain: We have the HR skills you need for your company to succeed!

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Join our top talent professionals today & take a step closer to finding your desired position!

M&T Consulting has focused on connecting top talent professionals with expert companies for over 20 years. We are always on the lookout for new potential and have an immense variety of open positions, from Data Engineers and Back Office Services, to CFOs and Prototype Developers! If you are searching for a new career opportunity or in need of a change from your current role, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Simply email us at info@mtconsulting.com with your attached resume.

Our Silicon Valley Headhunting


Searching for headhunters in San Mateo? With our headhunting headquarters located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we’re your one-stop source for turning your vision of a desired perfect professional into a reality. From Developers and Designers to Project and Product managers, our talent hunters have access to the experts you need. 

We will thoroughly determine all the necessary details for your open position’s requirements and gain an understanding of your company’s culture, to match a personality that would best suit your working environment. Our strategic selection process ensures that we will only offer you the most suitable and finest talent. We source and screen candidates based on specialized skills, interviewing potential contenders to obtain detailed information regarding their experience and knowledge. Our experienced experts will establish a record of the best matches who show great interest in the position, to ensure that you’ll end up choosing a professional of high quality every time. 

Schedule a free consultation today for our headhunting services or any of our related HR solutions.

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